Monday, February 2, 2015


Finally, I finished my cloak! It is a half circle cloak with hood. The outer fabric is wool, and the lining is a cotton plaid. The tatting is made with DMC thread, and I purchased the clasp at a renaissance festival. 

I used the Known World Handbook published by the SCA (2010, 4th edition) as a guide. I also got the shape of the hood from this blog: The tatting pattern is from p. 74 of a German book from 1921 - Tina Frauberger's Schiffchenspitze. You can check it out here:

This project took me many months because 1) I don't enjoy machine sewing, 2) I really don't enjoy hand sewing, and 3) I avoided the hand sewing as long as possible. I broke my sewing machine when I tried to sew on the hood. The tatting also took a while, but I let the project sit for a few months even after the tatting was blocked. Did I mention how much I despise sewing?

I'm sure you care much more about the photos than the descriptions, so here are some close-ups:

The lining was a little short, so I couldn't hem it in a few places.

The tatting is actually crocheted on - I made slip stitches through the fabric. That way, I can remove it before cleaning.

I also recently tatted a new chain for the pendant that I created a while ago. The three strands will help it to stay in place!

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