Saturday, January 3, 2015

Harvest Feast Tatting

Finally! I can post all of the items that I made for my church's Harvest Feast fundraiser this past November. During the event, two people asked for me to make new items for them, and I made those last commissions this weekend. So, here is what I made:

Wondrous Window bracelet and pendant
I made this one in University of Iowa Hawkeye colors using Lizbeth yellow variegated thread and DMC black thread. The pattern is from Up and Tat 'Em by Marilee Rockley.

Necklace pendant
I found this pattern on Pinterest: This was my first experiment with metallic thread. I really didn't like working with it, but I must admit that it made for a beautiful pendant! I think people liked it better than the others because of the metallic sheen. I used Swarovski crystal beads and glass seed beads.

Lora's Angel
This angel I crocheted with size 3 thread and edged with size 10 gold thread. It works as a tree topper for a small tree. I have made this pattern many times before with size 10 thread, and this is my first time working with size 3. I might make it again with worsted weight thread for a full size tree.

Bedazzled Butterfly Necklace with earrings
This is the largest piece that I have ever made! I was so proud of this one and really wanted it to be the best seller, but it actually sold for the cheapest. I think that is partly because it accidentally was put on the silent auction table instead of the live auction. 
The pattern is Bedazzled Butterfly from Boutique Tatting by Marilee Rockley. The thread is hand dyed by Marilee as well. I used Swarovski beads - blue bicone and pearl - and blue and green seed beads. The earrings are simple flower and butterfly patterns, I think from here:

Bloomer Bracelet
This bracelet is from the Bloomer pattern in Boutique Tatting by Marilee Rockley. I made this one with DMC black thread, Swarovski red bicone beads, and red and clear seed beads. I enjoyed using the red seed beads in all of the outer picots, but it makes the bracelet really heavy!

Second Bloomer bracelet and pendant
The Bloomer bracelet was too big for the lady who bought it, so I made her another one. She wanted it with teal and coral seed beads. I really like how the second one turned out - I only wish a photo could capture how the beads catch the light!

 Another lady wanted a pendant made of one motif from the bracelet, so this is what I came up with.

Christmas Snowflake
I couldn't make the final Harvest Feast commissions until January because I was busy all November and December making 14 of these snowflakes. It is Late Winter Snowflake by Robin Perfetti. I used Lizbeth white and blue thread with clear iridescent seed beads.

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  1. All of these are so beautiful! I have to admit to being thrilled to recognize so many of the patterns :) Love the small pendant that you developed from the bracelet design.