Thursday, May 29, 2014

DI Fundraiser

The Cause
When Brett's Destination Imagination team advanced to Global Finals, he became overwhelmed. It was expensive for the team to go. Brett needed to raise money - at least $1500 and as much as $5000. So, he and the parents of his team got to work. They planned a trivia night with a few silent auction items. I happened to be practicing some tatted jewelry, so I offered three sets for silent auction. They didn't sell for much, yet every little bit helped.

Set 1

The earrings are the "Lacy Treasure Pendant" from Tatted Jewelry by Marilee Rockley. I made them in size 20 Lizbeth #126 and #633 with seed beads. This simple design was fun to make.
The necklace is the "Compass Pendant" pattern from Tatted Jewelry, using the same thread as the earrings and has a Swarovski bicone bead in the center. For what looks like a small, simple pattern, I found this one to be deceptively difficult. I kept on forgetting which shuttle was which.

Set 2

The earrings are "Carnival Earrings" from Tatted Jewelry. I used size 20 Lizbeth #633 thread, seed beads, a Swarovski bicone bead, and a silver bead. I loved making these!

I found this pattern on Pinterest: I used the same thread and beads as the earrings. I loved making this one. I used split rings to get between each of the five motifs, making it complicated enough to keep my interest but simple enough to be made quickly. This also was the first time that I used beads on the shuttle thread instead of the ball thread. Fun!

Set 3

The earrings and the pendant are the same pattern, made with size 20 Lizbeth #633 and a free sample of size 20 Lizbeth thread (that came with my first Handy Hands catalog!). The pattern is from Pinterest: I really enjoyed this pattern. To the untrained eye, it might be unclear which rings are made together. I like the mystery of it.

The necklace is the same as the earrings with a silver bead in the center.

With these pieces, it was the first time that I sewed the ends in instead of glueing them. It also was the first time that I blocked the pieces instead of stiffening them. They look so much better because of it.

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  1. Wow Julie!!! Beautiful tatting ; )
    Delighted to meet you last Saturday + I hope you can gather with us again. Job well done.