Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If You Give Three Visitors Some Water

The following is an adaptation of Genesis 18:1-10 for a children's message on July 21, 2013. It follows the pattern of the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" series and was suggested by Carolyn Brown.

If You Give Three Visitors Some Water
If you give three visitors some water,
They are going to want to sit in the shade.
When you let them sit in the shade,
They will want to wash their feet.
When they are finished, they will ask for some bread.
Then you will go to your wife and ask her to make some cakes.
When she takes some flour and kneads it,
She will make the finest bread for these visitors.
Then you will go to your herd to take a calf.
When you give this calf to your servant, he will prepare it.
The calf will taste very good.
Then you will take curds and milk to your guests,
And they will ask for more.
When you give them the bread and the calf,
They will be full.
When they are full, they will want to talk.
They will ask for your wife, Sarah.
You will point to your tent.
As you point, your wife will be listening.
When your wife hears that she will have a son, she will laugh.
Then your visitors will ask why she laughed.
You will have to explain that she is old and can’t have kids.
Then they will explain that she can.
When they explain this,
They will realize that they are thirsty,
And they are going to ask you for some water.
© Julie Monnard, 2013.

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