Saturday, July 16, 2011

Psalm 86 paraphrase

Because there aren't many commentaries on the web for psalms, I was left to the Hebrew and my books for inspiration. I decided to write a paraphrase of the text that would remove some of the "Bible speak" from the text while maintaining the beautiful intensity of the message. This will be my sermon text for tomorrow.

1O Lord, I come before you asking for help.

I can’t make it on my own. I need you.

2Protect me, all of me; I do my best to be kind.

Save me, for I am yours. I trust in you – You are my God!

3Forgive me, O Lord. Use me for your good.

I am always praying to you, searching for your presence.

4Make me happy for your sake.

My whole life, indeed my whole self, is dedicated to you.

5I know, O Lord, that you are good and forgiving.

You are full of kindness for all who pray to you.

6Listen to me. Pay attention to the sound of my plea.

You can hear the desperation in my voice!

7When I need you most, I fall before you.

I know you will answer me; I know you will be with me.

8I have seen what others use to replace you–money, power, people.

These cannot be what you are for me–love, hope, peace.

9You deserve praise from every human that you have created.

Our thanksgiving can never compare to your blessings.

10We should praise you because you have great power.

You do awesome deeds. You are God, you alone.

11Show me what you want me to do, and I will follow your lead.

I will worship you, Lord, wholeheartedly.

12O Lord, my God, I will praise you with every part of me.

I will honor you in all that I do.

13Your kindness toward me is so vast.

You have saved me from the deepest depths of death itself.

14God, the arrogant overpower me; they want to destroy me.

I don’t think they know you at all.

15You, Lord, are compassionate, forgiving, and ever patient.

You are overflowing with kindness and truth.

16Give me strength in all I do for you.

Come near to me and forgive me. Save your lowly child!

17I need a sign of your goodness, something for the world to see.

You, Lord, have been with me in my deepest need.

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