Saturday, September 11, 2010

From the Airport

On this anniversary of the attacks on this nation, I am flying to Chicago to be with my family. I haven't been on internship for a month yet, but I need to go home because tragedy struck the Scheibel family again. One of my uncles died suddenly and without explanation on Wednesday.

I love him dearly, and I miss him dearly. I always enjoyed the stories that he told and the insight that he had. I remember fondly when he and my aunt took my cousin and I to Disney World. I loved enjoying that park with a cousin my age and with such a wonderful aunt and uncle. He and my aunt had a beautiful marriage. I can't believe that he is gone.

I am going home to be with my family for the wake and funeral. Right now, I need to be with them, to reconnect before I continue to serve my internship. I do love my internship site. The people are wonderful, and I care for them. Pastor Fred was a great support, opening his house to me right after I heard the news. Yet I am glad that I won't be there this Sunday. I didn't want to have to announce my uncle's death, nor did I want to be there when that happens. Although I appreciate individual kind words of empathy, I don't want to be overwhelmed by the congregation. For now, I need to be with people whom I have known for more than three weeks. I need to grieve with people who are also grieving. When I return to the lake, I will be ready to be with the church again.

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